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Reliability since 1979

Ink City Printing has been in operation since 1979.

City Imaging Graphic Services, our marketing division was

developed in 2000.

Today, operating primarily as City Imaging Graphic Services we have branched out. City Imaging Graphic Services is a completely diversified resource centre.

Our comprehensive range of services include full service printing capabilities, creative conception, photography, website design, promotional sales incentive items, corporate computer network systems and the management of corporate marketing portfolios.

Our services accommodate individual requests as well as corporate accounts, providing dependable service to local national areas, nationally, the United States, and internationally as well. Our business success is credited to listening to our clients and customizing our services to meet their individual needs.

We strive to reward our clients’ trust in our services by always delivering a quality product with consistent reliability. The advancement of computers and wireless technology has brought forth ingenious advancements in the graphics field. This has facilitated the gradual expansion of our range in services throughout the years allowing our organization to remain current and progressive.

We now encompass digital capabilities, such as disk conversions and outputs, scanning, digitized imaging and electronic file transfers. This is the wave of the future and we don’t intend to fall behind. Our team continues onward in the tradition of quality and reliability.

We continue to develop a business community focusing on personalized service, consistent reliability and a high calibre product, upholding our responsibility as a dedicated supplier.

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